Joseph Seering

I am a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. I am a part of the eHeart Lab, advised by Professor Geoff Kaufman. I received my undergraduate degree from Harvard University in Social Studies in 2013.

In my work I explore social behaviors in online spaces. I focus on small communities and social groups, using mixed methods to study the ways in which they self-regulate via development and enforcement of norms. I am particularly interested in intra-group social processes from formation to maintenance to eventual schisms or obsolescence. Through my work, I aim to facilitate the design of more welcoming, tolerant, and supportive communities online.

Current Projects

In my study of community moderation practices with Geoff Kaufman, I am examining the ways in which small informal communities develop methods for managing behavior of community members. See more information here.

I am also currently exploring users' verbal responses to hate speech and harassment in a project advised by Bob Kraut and Diyi Yang.

I am working with Geoff Kaufman to experimentally test interventions to encourage positive behaviors in chats and forums online.